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Q. Who should use WP Carousel Pro?
Ans: WP Carousel Pro is perfect for photographers, designers, bloggers, different organizations, and small to large businesses. Basically, if you want to create beautiful carousels like Image Carousel, Post Carousel, and Product Carousel, then you need to use WordPress Carousel.

Q. Is the WP Carousel Pro plugin compatible with Gutenberg?
Ans: Yes, WP Carousel Pro Proworks with both Classic and Gutenberg editors. You can add a carousel shortcode to a text editor or shortcode block.

Q. What types of the carousel you can create using WP Carousel Pro?
Ans: You can create five (5) types of carousels using WP Carousel Pro such as Image Carousel, Post Carousel, Product Carousel, Content Carousel & Video Carousel.

Q. Do I need to have coding skills to use WP Carousel Pro?
Ans: No. You don’t need any coding skills. No more pain writing any shortcode attributes to display a carousel on your site. With just a few clicks, you can amazingly create unlimited Image, Post, Product, Content, and Video Carousels.

Q. Is WP Carousel Pro responsive?
Ans: Yes, WordPress Carousel is fully responsive for all devices and touch-friendly.

Q. Can I add WordPress Carousel anywhere on my website?
Ans: Yes, you can add WordPress Carousel Pro inside your blog posts, pages, widgets, and anywhere else on your WordPress website with a shortcode or PHP function.

Q. Can I have multiple carousels with a separate setting?
Ans: Yes. You can have an unlimited carousel with each separate setting on the page, post, template, widget, or anywhere you like.

Q. How to show WP Carousel Pro to Editor role user?
Ans: You need to paste the following code into your PHP file:

add_filter('sp_wp_carousel_post_type_args', 'show_to_editor'); function show_to_editor( $args ) { unset( $args['show_ui'] ); $editor_compatible = array( 'show_ui' => current_user_can( 'edit_others_pages' ) ? true : false ); return array_merge( $args, $editor_compatible ); }