(1) Load Tabs Section Title Font: A user can ON/OFF Google Fonts with this option.

Turning ON:

  • Google Fonts will be loaded for the Carousel Section title.
  • In the case of CSS, it adds the ‘font-family’ property in the markup.

It won’t work if the Google Fonts feature is turned Dequeue from the ‘Settings ADVANCED SETTINGS’ field of the plugin.

Advanced Settings

By default, the option is always ENQUEUE.

Turning OFF:

  • Google Fonts will stop loading for the slider section title.
  • The font family will be loaded from the theme automatically.

(2) Tabs Section Title: Set Carousel Section Tille font properties as you wish.

Font properties:

Font Properties

(I) Font Family: There are 900+ Google Fonts available. They are completely free or open-source to use. Choose a font for free use in WordPress Carousel Pro. Also, you can search for a specific google font from the search bar of the Font Family field.

Font Family

(II) Font Style: Available font styles for the selected font like below (It will be based on your font selection)-

  • Light 300
  • Light 300 Italic
  • Normal 400
  • Normal 400 Italic
  • Semi-Bold 600
  • Semi-Bold 600 Italic
  • Bold 700
  • Bold 700 Italic
  • Extra-Bold 800
  • Extra-Bold 800 Italic

(III) Subset: The subset defines the range of characters and the physical representation of a character – that exists within the font set. The subset for the selected font can be defined here as-

  • Latin Extended
  • Cyrillic 
  • Greek
  • Cyrillic Extended
  • Latin
  • Greek Extended
  • Vietnamese

(IV) Text Align: Set alignment for your text. Options are:

  • Inherit
  • Left
  • Center
  • Right
  • Justify
  • Initial

(V) Text Transform: The Text transform CSS property specifies how to capitalize on an element’s text. It can be used to make text appear in all-uppercase or all-lowercase, or with each word capitalized. Available features are:

  • None
  • Capitalize
  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase

(VI) Font Size: Users can use custom font sizes in pixels. The default value is 24px.

(VII) Line Height: The LineHeight property defines the amount of space above and below inline elements. The default value is 28px. You can set it as you like. 

(VIII) Letter Spacing: The LetterSpacing controls the amount of space between each letter in a given element or block of text.

(IX) Font Color: The Font Color typically means the color specified for the block. You can set any color you want.

(X) In this section, you can see a live preview according to your font properties settings. You can ON and OFF this by clicking the Top-Right corner Button.

(3) Load Tabs Title Font: Same as Number (1).

(4) Tabs Title: Same as Number (2).

(5) Load Subtitle Font: Same as Number (1).

(6) Tabs Subtitle: Same as Number (2).

(7) Load Description Font: Same as Number (1).

(8) Description: Same as Number (2).