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How To Make Tab Flat Style

To make your tab look more clean and modern you can choose Flat Tab Style Underline from the Display Options. Follow the process to do it:

1. Navigate to WP Tabs Pro → Click on Add New to Add New Tab Group.

2. Type a Title for your tab group.

3. Select any tab type you want from the Tabs Type option. Two options are available:

  • Content
  • Post

4. Under the Display Options you will find the Flat Tab Style option. There are two options available. You can choose any of them. They are:

  • Normal 
  • Underline

Note: If you choose the Underline option, another option will appear named Underline Style. Now set/change the tabs’ underline width and color from here as you want.

Flat Tab Style
  • Flat Tab Style: (Underline)

  • Flat Tab Style: (Underline)