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Weather Settings

Weather Settings

(1) Display Weather For Location: This option allows you to set criteria for displaying the location weather. Available criteria are: 

  • Specific: You can display a specific location weather detail with this field and your website visitor will see that specific location weather forecast on your site. 
  • Visitors(Auto): The visitors of your website will be able to see the weather forecast from wherever (Location) they visit your site.

(2) Specific Location: There are different ways to set the Specific Location. A new field will be added according to the way you selected. Available ways are:

  • City: Display the weather forecast by selecting a City. (e.g. Moscow, RU, Sydney, AU).
  • City ID: Display the weather forecast by selecting City ID. (e.g. 524901, 2147714).
  • ZIP: Display the weather forecast by selecting  ZIP Code. (e.g. 101000, RU, 77070, US). Country Abbreviation must be added with the ZIP Code. 
  • Coordinates: Display the weather forecast by selecting  Coordinates. (e.g. 55.755825,37.617298) The values must be followed in order: Latitude, Longitude.

(3) City Name: Write the City Name here to display the weather details of that city. 

(4) Custom Location Name: You can set a Custom Location Name here which will replace the real name of the city. 

(5) Temperature Unit: Temperature can be displayed in different Units. Available units are: 

  • °C: The temperature will be displayed on the Centigrade Scale.
  • °F: The temperature will be displayed on the Fahrenheit scale.
  • Auto: The Temperature will be displayed according to the official temperature scale followed by the country. 

(6) Pressure Unit: Select your preferable Pressure unit from the below lists: 

  • Millibars (mb)
  • Kilopascal (kPa)
  • Inches of Mercury (inHg)
  • Pounds per Square Inch (psi)
  • Millimeter of Mercury (mmHg / Torr)
  • Kilogram per Square Centimeter (kg/cm2)

(7) Wind Speed Unit: Available Units for displaying Wind Speed are: 

  • Miles per hour (mph)
  • Meter per second (m/s)
  • Kilometer per hour (km/h)
  • Knot (kn)

(8) Language: Select a language from the 46 available languages to change the City Name and Weather Description. 


Q: How to get weather information on specific posts with Custom Field?

Ans: With the Location Weather Pro plugin you can display weather information of specific posts with Custom Fields created by the ACF plugin. To do that, you have to create two custom fields from the ACF plugin,

which will create meta fields to input lat/long data on your posts,

and then when you create a location weather shortcode input the custom field keys.

Now lat/long value set on every post will show that location’s weather information on specific posts.