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Weather Settings

Weather Settings

(1) Display Weather For Location: This option allows you to set criteria for displaying the location weather. Available criteria are: 

  • Specific: You can display a specific location weather detail with this field and your website visitor will see that specific location weather forecast on your site. 
  • Visitors(Auto): The visitors of your website will be able to see the weather forecast from wherever (Location) they visit your site.

(2) Specific Location: There are different ways to set the Specific Location. A new field will be added according to the way you selected. Available ways are:

  • City: Display the weather forecast by selecting a City. (e.g. Moscow, RU, Sydney, AU).
  • City ID: Display the weather forecast by selecting City ID. (e.g. 524901, 2147714).
  • ZIP: Display the weather forecast by selecting  ZIP Code. (e.g. 101000, RU, 77070, US). Country Abbreviation must be added with the ZIP Code. 
  • Coordinates: Display the weather forecast by selecting  Coordinates. (e.g. 55.755825,37.617298) The values must be followed in order: Latitude, Longitude.

(3) City Name: Write the City Name here to display the weather details of that city. 

(4) Custom Location Name: You can set a Custom Location Name here which will replace the real name of the city. 

(5) Temperature Unit: Temperature can be displayed in different Units. Available units are: 

  • °C: The temperature will be displayed on the Centigrade Scale.
  • °F: The temperature will be displayed on the Fahrenheit scale.
  • Auto: The Temperature will be displayed according to the official temperature scale followed by the country. 

(6) Pressure Unit: Select your preferable Pressure unit from the below lists: 

  • Millibars (mb)
  • Kilopascal (kPa)
  • Inches of Mercury (inHg)
  • Pounds per Square Inch (psi)
  • Millimeter of Mercury (mmHg / Torr)
  • Kilogram per Square Centimeter (kg/cm2)

(7) Wind Speed Unit: Available Units for displaying Wind Speed are: 

  • Miles per hour (mph)
  • Meter per second (m/s)
  • Kilometer per hour (km/h)
  • Knot (kn)

(8) Language: Select a language from the 46 available languages to change the City Name and Weather Description.