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Display Options

Display Options

(1) Weather Title: This option is to Show / Hide the Weather Title from the front-end display.

(2) Weather Title Margin: You can set margins around (top, bottom, left, right) the Weather Title. By default top margin has been set to 20px. 

(3) Date: You can Show / Hide the Date preview from the frontend. 

(4) Time Format: Select a Time Format according to the location time zone. 12-hour clock and 24-hour clock options are available. By default, the Time Format is set to a 12-hour clock. 

(5) Forecast Days: With this option, you can display Weather Forecasts for up to 16 days. Use Premium API keys to make this feature work smoothly. There is a condition to be able to display the weather forecast days with free API keys (Default / Generated). The condition is Display Weather For Location under the Weather Settings tab must be set with Coordinates.

(6) Weather Condition Icon: Show / Hide the weather condition Icons from this option. 

(7) Temperature: This option is to Show / Hide the temperature condition of the location you selected. By default, the Temperature condition has been shown.

(8) Display Temperature Scale: You can Show / Hide the Temperature Scale preview from the frontend. 

(9) Highest Temperature: This option is to Show / Hide the Highest Temperature condition. 

(10) Lowest Temperature: This option is to Show / Hide the Lowest Temperature condition. 

(11) Real Feel: Show / Hide the Real Feel Temperature value. 

(12) Weather Description: Show / Hide the Weather Description text from the front-end view. 

(13) Pressure: Show / Hide the Pressure condition with this option. 

(14) Humidity: This option allows you to control the preview of Humidity. You can Show / Hide the Humidity Condition. 

(15) Wind: Show / Hide the Wind Condition from this option. 

(16) Weather Icon Color: Set a Color of the Weather Icon(Pressure, Humidity, and Wind Icon). 

(17) Precipitation: You can Show / Hide the Precipitation Condition from here. 

(18) Wind Gusts: Turn it Hide if you don’t want to show the Wind Gusts value on the frontend.

(19) UV Index: You can Show / Hide the UV Index Condition from here.

(20) Visibility: You can Show / Hide the Visibility Condition from here.

(21) Sunrise: You can Show / Hide the Sunrise Condition from here.

(22) Sunset: You can Show / Hide the Sunset Condition from here.

(23) Weather Attribution: You can Show / Hide the Weather Attribution from here.