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Location Weather Pro – Most Flexible and Easy to Use Weather Plugin for WordPress

Location Weather Pro allows you to display beautiful weather widgets to your WordPress site in a minute without coding skills! The plugin comes with lots of useful weather settings, styling options, and weather forecasting options for up to 16 days. You can add unlimited weather widgets to your site. The plugin is highly customizable and developer-friendly.

The weather data is available by OpenWeatherMap. For better performance, you can use your API key from OpenWeatherMap.org. They require a free key to access the data. Get Open Weather Map API Key. Once you have the API Key, you can save it in the WordPress admin under ‘Settings’‘API Settings’. It’s super easy to get an API key and create a clean weather widget quickly.

Let’s see the beautiful Live Demo in action!

Location Weather Pro – Getting Started

This video will help you to get started with the Location Weather Pro.

Navigate the left menu one by one to get detailed documentation of Location Weather Pro.