Style Options

Style Options

(1) Background Type: There are four different options to set the Weather Forecast Background. Options are: 

  • Solid Color: Set a Solid Background Color of the weather forecast from here. 
  • Gradient Color: Set a Gradient background Color of the weather forecast from here.
  • Image-Based on Weather: The background image will be displayed according to the weather.
  • Video: You can also set a video background from here. You are allowed to set both youtube and HTML5 Videos. 

(2) Video Type: Select a Video Type that you want to use as background.

(3) HTML5 Video URL: Upload the Video URL to show as background.

(4) Overlay Color: Set the background Overlay Color from here.  

(5) Text Color: Change the Text Color from here.

(6) Border: Set a Border, Border type, and Border color around the weather forecast preview. By default, the border value is set to 0px. 

(7) Radius: You can also set a border Radius from here. By default, the border Radius is set to 8px.