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How To Display Weather Details with ZIP Code

Showing weather information with the ZIP Code is super easy and fast with the Location Weather Pro plugin. Follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Location Weather Menu → Add New.

2. Type a Title for your Weather View.

3. Under the Weather Settings configuration tab, you will find the option named Display Weather for Specific Location. 

4. Choose Zip Code.

5. Enter the Zip Code, comma, 2-letter country code (if needed). For Example: 77070, US or 88901, US.

6. Click on the instructions to get your ZIP Code quickly. Continue reading below to learn how to get zip codes easily. 

Though a City ID is much more dependable than a City Name to specify a location, still it is not the most reliable one. If your city shares the same ID with a city in another country or state, the widget may not be able to recognize the location you had in mind. In this case, please use the ZIP code. You can search in the links below to get zip codes easily:

7. Publish the shortcode and display it on your web page. 

The final output would be something like below: