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Video Tutorials

1. Smart Post Show Pro – Getting Started

2. How to Activate the License key?

3. How To Display Different Layouts (Carousel, Grid, Isotope & More)?

4. How To Display WooCommerce Products in Carousel, Grid, Isotope & More…?

5. How To Configure WooCommerce Rating, Price, Add to Cart, etc?

6. How To Filter WooCommerce Product Types (On Sale, Best Selling, Top Rated…)?

7. How To Replace Layout (Default Blog Posts, Search, Author, Date…Page)?

8. How To Replace WooCommerce Shop Page Layout?

9. How To Replace Taxonomy Archives (Category, Tag, and More…)?

10. How To Filter by Taxonomy (Category, Tag, Formats)?

11. How To Filter by Author (Advanced Filtering)?

12. How To Configure Ajax Pagination (Number, Load More, Infinite Loop, etc)?

13. How To Filter by Keyword (Advanced Filtering)?

14. How To Filter by Status (Advanced Filtering)?

15. How To Filter by Date (Advanced Filtering)?

16. How To Configure Content Orientation or Position?

17. How To Configure The Thumbnail/Image Margin, Size, Zoom, Mode, etc?

18. How To Configure The Title Tag, Length, Margin, etc?

19. How To Backup, Export/Import, Transfer Shows from Dev to Live Site?

20. How To Configure The Meta Fields (Author, Date, Taxonomy, Comment, etc)?

21. How To Configure The Contents, Display Type, Length, Margin, HTML Tags, etc?

22. How To Configure The Custom Fields (ACF, Pods, Toolset, etc)?