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Accordion Settings

Accordion Settings

(1) Accordion Mode: Set the accordion mode that works on page load. The following options are available to expand or collapse accordion on page load:

  • First Open
  • All Open
  • All Folded

(2) Title Background Color: Set accordion title background color.

(3) Accordion Border: Set border for accordion. You can also style the accordion with border width, border color, and border style. The following border styles are available- 

  • Solid
  • Dashed
  • Dotted
  • Double
  • Inset
  • Outset
  • Groove
  • Ridge
  • None

(4) Expand & Collapse Icon: You can either show or hide the expand & collapse icon. If you turn on this option, the expand & collapse icon will be visible. You can also style these icons with the following options-

(5) Expand & Collapse Icon Position: Set accordion expand and collapse icon position or alignment. You can either set left or right alignment. 

(6) Expand & Collapse Icon Size: Set accordion collapse and expand icon size. Default value is 16px. 

(7) Icon Color: Set the expand and collapse icon color.