Lightbox Settings

1. Enable Lightbox: Turn On/Off the lightbox for the product gallery.

2. Lightbox Sliding Effect: Set Lightbox sliding effects. Available effects are:

  • Slide
  • Fade
  • Rotate
  • Circular Tube

3. Lightbox Overlay Background: Set a lightbox overlay background color from here.

4. Lightbox Icon Display Position: Set a display position for the lightbox icon. Available positions are:

  • Top Right
  • Top Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Bottom Left

5. Lightbox Icon Style: Choose a lightbox icon from eight different icon styles.

6. Lightbox IconĀ  Size: Change the lightbox Icon size to your own.

7. Lightbox Icon Color: Set the lightbox icon color, hover color, background color and hover background color.

8. Lightbox Caption: Show or Hide the Lightbox Caption.

9. Caption Color: Change the caption color from here.

10. Image Counter: Show/Hide the lightbox image counter from here.

11. Slideshow Play Button: Show/Hide Start slideshow play button.

12. Thumbnails side Gallery: Show/Hide thumbnails side gallery buttons.

13. Thumbnails Side Gallery Visibility: Check the box to show the thumbnail’s right side gallery.

14. Social Share Button: Show/Hide the social share button.

15. Full-Screen Button: Show/Hide image full-screen button in the lightbox.

16. Download Button: Show/Hide product gallery image download button in the lightbox.