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Gallery Settings

1. AutoPlay: You can control the product gallery autoplay option from here.

2. AutoPlay Interval: When the gallery autoplay option is turned on you can set AutoPlay Interval as per your need. By default, the value is set to 3000ms.

3. AutoPlay Speed: Set the gallery autoplay speed from here.

4. Slider Orientation: Choose a slider orientation for the gallery. Available options are Horizontal and Vertical.

5. Thumbnail Slider(s) to Scroll: Set how many gallery thumbnails you want to scroll at a time. By default, the value is set to 1.

6. Infinite Loop: Check the box to make the gallery thumbnail to loop infinitely.

7. Sliding effect: Select a sliding effect for gallery images. Options are Slide and fade.

8. Adaptive Height: The plan is to calculate all visible slide items and change the height according to the highest item. If this selection is on/enabled then each slide object will take the automated height in line with its content.

9. Accessibility: You can Turn on and off the plugin Accessibility.

10. RTL Mode: Turn on and off the RTL (Right to Left) mode according to your site.

11. Slider Navigation: You can show or hide the Slider Navigation.

12. Navigation Icon Style: Choose a navigation icon from 8 different icon styles.

13. Navigation Icon Size: You can set the navigation icon size from here.

14. Navigation Color: Set navigation color, hover color, background color, and hover background color from here.

15. Navigation Visibility: Set navigation visibility from here. You can either set Always or On Hover.

16. Slider Pagination: Show or Hide the slider pagination.

17. Pagination Color: Set the pagination color and active pagination color.

18. Pagination Visibility: Set pagination visibility from here. You can either set Always or On Hover.

19. Thumbnails Navigation: Show or Hide the product gallery thumbnail Navigation arrow.

20. Thumbnail Navigation Icon: Set a thumbnail navigation icon from eight different icon sets.

21. Thumbnail Navigation Icon Size: Change the thumbnail Navigation Icon size from here.

22. Thumbnail Navigation color: Set the thumbnail navigation color, hover color, background, Hover background color.

23. Thumbnails Navigation Visibility: Set Thumbnail Navigation visibility from here. You can either set Always or On Hover.

24. Enable Image Zoom: Turn on/off the product image zoom.

25. Zoom Effect: Set the zoom effect. Initially, it is set as 1.5.

26. Enable Zoom For Mobile Devices: Enable or disable image zoom for mobile devices.

27. Image Mode: Select a mode for the product image. Available image modes are:

  • Normal
  • Grayscale
  • Grayscale on Hover
  • Grayscale with Active Normal
  • Active Grayscale with Normal

28. Image Size: Select an image size from the pre-defined options or you can set a custom image size as well.

29. Preloader: Turn on or Off the preloader from here.