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1) Gallery Layout: Choose a layout for your product gallery from 5 different layout presets:

  • Horizontal Bottom
  • Horizontal Top
  • Vertical Left
  • Vertical Right
  • Hide Thumbnails

2) Thumbnails Item To Show: Set the number of the thumbnail items you want to show in your product gallery.

3) Thumbnails Space: Set the value of the Gap between the images and the Vertical Gap in pixels as per your need. 

4) Thumbnails Inner Padding: Set the padding value around the images of your gallery slider. 

5) Thumbnails Size: Select a pre-defined thumbnail size from the dropdown, you can set a custom thumbnail size from there as well. 

6) Thumbnails Border: Set a border width, normal color, hover color, and border-radius from here.

7) Thumbnails Hover Effect: From the dropdown, select any of the Hover Effects you want. Available options are:

  • Normal
  • Zoom In 
  • Zoom Out
  • Slide Up
  • Slide Down

8) Thumbnails Activate On: Select any of the activator types you want from here. Options are: 

  • Click: The user or visitor has to click on the thumbnail to change the product image.
  • Mouseover: The product image will be replaced when the mouse hovers over the thumbnail.

9) Active Thumbnail Style: Select any of the active thumbnail styles from the 4 different styles. Available options are:

  • Border Around
  • Bottom Line
  • Zoom Out
  • Opacity

10) Active Thumbnail Border: Set a border width and color for your active thumbnail.

11) Active Thumbnail Box Shadow: Set the values and color for the active thumbnail’s box shadow as per your need. 

12) Inactive Thumbnails Effect: From the dropdown here, select any of the inactive thumbnail effects you want:

  • Opacity
  • Grayscale
  • None

13) Inactive Thumbnail Opacity Level: Set the opacity level for your inactive thumbnail here.

14) Gallery Width: Set the product gallery width in percentage (%) as you want from here. 

15) Responsive Gallery Width: Set the responsive product gallery width to adapt to different screen sizes and devices while showcasing product images.

16) Gallery Bottom Gap: Set the value for the bottom gap for your product gallery. 

17) Gallery Image Source: Set a Gallery image source from the 2 different options.

  • All images attached to this product.
  • Only images uploaded to the product gallery.

18) Include Featured Image: Two options are available here with checkbox: 

  •  To Default Gallery
  •  To Variation Gallery

Check the options to include featured image in the default gallery images and variation gallery images.

19) Show Default Gallery with Variation Images: Check the option to show default gallery images with the variation images of your product.

20) Gallery Image Caption: Use the option to Show/Hide image caption on your product gallery.