General Settings

1) Gallery Layout: Choose a layout for the product gallery from three different options:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Hide Thumbnails

2) Thumbnails Position: Select a position for thumbnails from the given options:

  • Top
  • Bottom

3) Thumbnails Item To Show: Set how many thumbnail Items you want to show.

4) Thumbnails Space: Set space between the thumbnails.

5) Border: Set a border, border color, active border color, hover color from here.

6) Thumbnails Size: Select a thumbnail size from the pre-defined options or you can set a custom thumbnail size as well.

7) Gallery Width: Set a gallery width for Large devices in percentage. By default, the value is set to 50%.

8) Responsive Gallery Width: Set a gallery responsive width in px.

9) Gallery Bottom Gap: Set a gap at the bottom of the gallery slider.

10) Gallery Image Source: Set a Gallery image source from the two different options.

  • All images attached to this product.
  • Only images uploaded to the product gallery.

11) Include Feature Image: Check the box if you want to show Product Image (Feature Image)  as the first image in the Gallery. If unchecked and Product Image is not used in the Gallery unless it is uploaded to the Product Gallery.