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Template Settings

Template Settings

(1) Layout Preset: Choose a layout preset you want from the 4 available options.

(2) Column(s): Set slider column(s) in different devices (Desktop, Mobile, etc).

(3) Choose a Template Type: You can choose a template type as you wish.

  • Custom: Customize the template as you want from here.
  • Pre-Made Templates: You can choose a pre-made template from this option. There are twenty-eight (28) pre-made templates available.

(4) Product Content Position: Content position is where you want to display your product content. Select a position for the content title, description, meta, etc. Options are below:

  • Bottom: Content will display Below the image.
  • Top: Content will display Above the image.
  • Right: Content will display at the Right of the image.
  • Left: Content will display at the Left of the image.
  • Overlay: Content will display when users hover over an image

(5) Content Visibility: Choose a visibility type for overlay content.

  • Always
  • On Hover

(6) Overlay Color Type: Choose an overlay color type.

  • Solid
  • Gradient

(7) Gradient Color: Set gradient color for the overlay.

(8) Content Padding: Set padding for the product content.

(9) Border: Set product border.

(10) Box-Shadow: Check to enable box-shadow for the product.

  • Box-Shadow Values: Set box-shadow property values for the product.

(11) Inner Padding: Set inner padding for product image and content.

(12) Equalize Products Height: Check to make all products/items height equal.

N.B. Pagination (The pagination options appear here when you select the Grid layout)

(13) Pagination: Enable/Disable pagination.

(14) Pagination Type: Choose a pagination type.

  • Normal
  • Ajax Number
  • Load More Button (Ajax)
  • Load More on Scroll (Ajax)

(15) Alignment: Select pagination alignment.

(16) Product(s) To Show Per Page: Set the number of the product(s) to show per page.

(17) Pagination Color: Set the color for the pagination.