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Display Options

Display Options

(1) Slider Section Title: You can control the display of Slider Section Title by this option. Set ON to show Title or set OFF if you don’t want to show the title.

(2) Section Title Linking: Give a URL to your section title to redirect the user when they click on it.

(3) Space Between Products: Set space or gap between the Products inside the Product Slider. Default Space between Products is 20px. You can set the value as you wish.

(4) Name: You can Show/Hide Product Name by turning this option ON and Off.

(5) Name Word Limit: Check this option if you want to set Word Limit to the Product name. You can set the number of words to show in the Product name and add an ellipsis point at the end of the Product Name if you wish to. 

(6) Description: You can Show/Hide Product Description by selecting ON and OFF from this option.

(7) Description Display Type: Choose How you want to display your Product description. Option are:

  • Short 
  • Full

(8) Word Limit Counter: Set Word Limit for product description to equalize the product height in the carousel. 

(9) Read More Button: Users can Show/Hide Product Description Read More Button if they want to.

(10) Read More Button Label: If you want to change the Read More Button Text as Learn More/ Check More, you are allowed to do that in this option.

(11) Read More Button Color:  Set Read More Button Color Here.

(12) Read More Button Hover Color: Choose Read More button Hover color from here.

(13) Price: Show/Hide Product Price by turning this option ON and OFF.

(14) Discount Color: If you want to change the Discount Price Color, do it from here.

(15) Rating: Show/Hide Product Rating by clicking ON and OFF.

(16) Alignment: Select an Alignment for Product Rating. Option are Left, Center, and Right.

(17) Color: Choose a Color for Product Rating Star. You can also set Empty Star Color.

(18) Sale Ribbon: Turn This Option OFF if you don’t want to show Sale Ribbon.

(19) Ribbon Label: Change the Ribbon Label text as you want.

(20) Background: Choose a Background Color for Ribbon Label text.

(21) Out Of Stock Ribbon: This option permits users to Show/Hide Products out of stock Ribbon.

(22) Ribbon Label: Change Out of stock Product Ribbon Label as you like.

(23) Background: Set product out of stock Ribbon Background color.

(24) Add to Cart Button: This option is used to Show/Hide Add to Cart Button. Users can control this option by Switching it ON and OFF. 

(25) Border Radius: Set Add to Cart Button Border Radius. By default Add to Cart Border Radius is 0px. 

(26) Color: Select a Color for Add to Cart Button.

(27)  Hover Color: Set a Hover Color of Add to Cart Button.

(28) Background: Select Add to Cart Button Background Color.

(29) Hover Background: Select Add to Cart Button Hover Background Color.

(30) Border Thickness: Set Add to Cart Button Border Thickness. By default Border Thickness is 0px.

(31) Border Color: Select  Add to Cart button Button Border Color

(32) Border Hover Color: You can also set Add to Cart Button Border Hover Color.

(33) Quick View Button: You can ON/OFF Quick View Button.