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Admin Panel Menu Intro

WooCommerce Product Slider Pro Admin Panel Menu Introduction:

Admin Panel Intro

Product Slider Pro –

  1. All Sliders
  2. Add New
  3. Settings
  4. Help

1. All Sliders: All the Sliders that are created with the WooCommerce Product Slider Pro plugin will be kept here. You can add, edit, delete, and perform other customization easily from this Menu.

All Sliders

2. Add New: By clicking this menu you can quickly start to create a slider.

Add New

3. Settings: There are some necessary options available in the plugin Settings field. Such as License key, Advanced Settings, Custom CSS, etc. You will get to learn about them in the Settings section of the Product Slider Pro Documentation. Click here to get the direct link.


4. Help: You can contact the ShapedPlugin directly through this menu. Here you will find the Support TicketDocumentation, and Demo Page link. In case of need, click and get connected with us. We welcome your all questions.

Support Ticket Link https://shapedplugin.com/create-new-ticket/