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How To Fix Outdated Product Slider Templates?

If you have modified your product sliders by overriding templates and the modification is not working after updating to v3.3.0, it means the templates are outdated now. But don’t worry. After updating your templates, they will work again perfectly. 

You can easily update them by following the process below:

1. Keep a backup of your modified templates. 

2. Copy the default template you used from the plugin’s templates folder for the modification, which can be found in /plugins/woo-product-slider-pro/src/Frontend/views/templates/.

3. Paste that template file in the woo-product-slider-pro > templates folder inside your active theme.

4. Now, copy the modified code from the backup template and paste it into the new template.

We understand that keeping Product Slider templates consistent is important, but sometimes it’s necessary to break backward compatibility.