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Video Tutorials

1. Real Testimonials Pro – Getting Started

2. How to Activate the License Key?

3. How to Create a Testimonial Form?

4. How to Store and Manage Testimonials?

5. How to Prevent Spam in Testimonial Form?

6. How to Customize Testimonial Themes?

7. How to Export and Import Testimonials?

8. How to Display Testimonials in Different Layouts (Slider, Grid & More…)?

9. How to Configure Testimonial/Reviewer Image (A-Z)?

10. How to Add and Display Video Testimonials Manually?

11. How to Display Video Testimonials Collected Through Testimonial Form?

12. How to Display Thumbnails Slider for Testimonials?

13. How to Filter to Display Testimonials?

14. How to Enable Schema Markup for Testimonials?

15. How to Collect and Display Video Testimonials (For Site Admin)?

16. How to Record and Submit Video Testimonials (For the Reviewer)?