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Create A Testimonial Form (A-Z)

How To Create A Testimonial Form

Creating a Testimonial From is super easy and fast. It can be done within a minute.

Add New Form

(1) Click on the Testimonial Form menu.

(2) Click on the Add New button.

Frontend Form Generator

(3) Type a Title for your Testimonial Form (optional).

(4) Check the fields that you want to include in the Testimonial Form to collect the testimonials.

(5) After clicking on the publish button, Copy The Testimonial Form Shortcode or PHP Code.

Gutenberg Editor

(6) Paste the Testimonial Form Shortcode inside a Shortcode block or classic editor. The Paragraph block and Text block also support the shortcode. Click on the Publish or Update button of the page to save changes.

Testimonial Form Preview

How to add the Testimonial Form to your theme PHP files?

Paste the PHP code into your template file:

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[sp_testimonial_form id="xxx"]' ); ?>

P.S. Note: Please use your shortcode ID instead of xxx

How To Manage Testimonials