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(1) Testimonial Status: Select testimonial approval status for the front-end form submission. The following status is available to set- 

  • Auto Publish 
  • Pending Review
  • Private 
  • Draft

(2) Email Notification: Enable this option if you want to get Email notification when someone submits a new testimonial. If you enable this feature, the following options are available to configure. 

(3) Email Notification Subject: Type subject for the email notification. 

(4) Email Notification Heading: Type heading for the email notification.

(5) Email Notification Body: Enter the text that will be sent as a notification email for a pending testimonials. HTML is accepted. Available template tags are:

  • {name} – The reviewer’s full name.
  • {email} – The reviewer’s email address.
  • {position} – The reviewer’s position.
  • {company_name} – The reviewer’s company name.
  • {location} – The reviewer’s location address.
  • {phone} – The reviewer’s phone number.
  • {website} – The reviewer’s company website URL.
  • {video_url} – The reviewer’s video URL.
  • {testimonial_title} – Testimonial top title.
  • {testimonial_text} – Testimonial content.
  • {category} – Testimonial category.
  • {rating} – Testimonial Star Rating.

(6) Email(s) to Notify: Enter the email address(es) that will receive a notification for each pending testimonial. For multiple emails, use a comma between these.