Image Settings

Image Settings

(1) Testimonial/Reviewer Image: Use this option to either hide or show the testimonial image. 

(2) Alignment: Select the testimonial image alignment. The following alignments are available to set- 

  • Left
  • Right
  • Top

(3) Margin: Set a margin for Testimonial Slider.

(4) Image Shape: Choose the image shape. The following image shapes are available- 

  • Square 
  • Rounded
  • Circle

(5) Border or Box-Shadow: Select an image border or box-shadow option. If you select the border, you will find a border-style option. Similarly, if you select a box-shadow, you will find the option for a box-shadow. If you select Border from the above then the below file will be added.

(6) Border: Set image border in pixels.

(7) Image Background: Set image background color. 

(8) Padding: Set image padding. The default value is 0px

(9) Testimonial/Reviewer Image Size: Select which size image to show with your Testimonials. The following image sizes are available for the testimonial image- 

  • Thumbnail – hard:150×150
  • Medium – soft:300×300
  • Medium_large – soft:768×0
  • Large – soft:1024×1024
  • 1536×1536 – soft:1536X1536
  • 2048×2048 – soft:2048X2048
  • Woocommerce_thumbnail – hard:300X300
  • Woocommerce_single – soft:600X0
  • Woocommerce_gallery_thumbnail – hard:100X100
  • Shop_catalog – hard:300X300
  • Shop_single – soft:600X0
  • Shop_thumbnail – hard:100X100
  • Original uploaded image
  • Set custom size

If you select a custom size, you will get the following option to set the custom testimonial image size. 

(10) Custom Size: Set a custom width and height of the image.  The following cropping options are available as well- 

  • soft-crop
  • hard-crop

(11) Lightbox: Enable or disable the lightbox option for the testimonial image.

(12) Image Mode: Select image mode from the following options. 

  • None
  • Grayscale and normal on hover
  • Grayscale on hover
  • Always grayscale

(13) Video Testimonial: You can either hide or show the video testimonial. If you show the video testimonial, you will get the following color options to style it- 

(14) Video Icon Color: Set color video testimonial icon.

(15) Video Icon Overlay Color: Set video testimonial icon overlay color.