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Video Tutorials

1. WP Team Pro – Getting Started

2. How To Activate License Key?

3. How To Display Different Layouts (Carousel, Grid, Isotope & More…)?

4. How To Filter and Display Team Members (A-Z)?

5. How To Enable Ajax Paginations in Different Layouts?

6. How To Enable Ajax Live Filtering for Member Groups?

7. How To Enable Ajax Search for Team Members?

8. How To Configure Member Content or Info Position?

9. How To Show Member Meta Fields (Drag & Drop)?

10. How To Add Member Social Profiles (A – Z) Settings?

11. How To Add Member Photo Gallery?

12. How To Enable Members Same Height (A – Z)?

13. How To Add Members Skills (A – Z) Settings?

14. How To Enable Member Photo/Image Flipping?

15. How To Add Unlimited Additional Custom Fields for Members?

16. How To Add WP Team Pro Showcase to Elementor?

17. How To Configure Member Short Bio and Read More Button?