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Admin Panel Menu Intro

WP Team Pro Admin Panel Menu Introduction:

Admin Panel Menu Intro

WP Team Pro –

  1. All Members
  2. Add New Member
  3. Groups
  4. Team Generator
  5. Settings
  6. Re-Order
  7. Help

1. All Members (Admin view):

All Members

All the Members which have been added to this plugin will be here. These members can be edited, drag and drop sorted, deleted, and duplicated easily.

2. Add New Member (Admin view):

Add New Member

3. Groups (Admin view):


To maintain team members, groups are very important. The members can be organized by adding to their respective groups. A new group can be added, edited, and deleted using this menu. Also, the groups are draggable. The groups can be organized by dragging to reorder the filtering tabs in the Filter Layout.

To showcase a Team, a team shortcode has to be generated. A shortcode can be created by using this menu. All the shortcodes will be here and those can be edited and deleted easily.

4. Team Generator (Admin view):

Team Generator

5. Settings (Admin view):


(6) Tools: 


6. Help Page (Admin view):