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Add New Team (A-Z)

Creating a Team is super easy and fast. It can be done within a minute.


Add New Team

(1) Click on the Team Generator menu.

(2) Click on the Add New Team button.

Team Generator

(3) Type a Section Title for your team (optional).

(4) Select a Layout from→  Layout Presets (Carousel, Grid, Filter, List, Mosaic, Inline, Table, Thumbnails Pager).

(5) You can Customize the Team Generator Setting Tabs as you want. Every layout has its Settings Tabs.

(6) And then click on→ Publish and you will see a Generated Shortcode in the bottom area.


The Team Shortcode will be found in the bottom section of the Team Generator Settings Tab and in the Shortcode (All Teams) list under the Team Generator menu.

Generated Team Shortcode

(1) After clicking on publish button, A-Team Shortcode and PHP function has been created in the bottom section.

All Team Shortcodes

(2) All Teams Shortcode list under Team Generator menu.

Copy the Team Shortcode from one of them and paste it into Post, Page, or anywhere you want to display your team.

TinyMCE button in Classic Editor

(3) A nice TinyMCE button is available for Classic Editor to insert a Team Shortcode.

Gutenberg Editor

(4) Paste the Team Shortcode inside a Shortcode block. The Paragraph block and Text block also can be used. Click on the Publish or Update button of the page to save changes.

WP Team Pro Widget

(5) Simply drag and drop the WP Team Pro widget to the desired widget area and select Team Shortcode from the shortcode list and then, Save it to publish.