Image Settings

Image Settings

(1) Photo/Image: Show/Hide member Photo or Image.

(2) Image Size: Set a member Image Size.

(3) Custom Size: You are allowed to set custom width and height for Member Photo or Image.

(4) Image Shape: Choose an image shape for a member photo. Available options are square, rounded, and circle.

(5) Border: Check the box to show a border around the member image.

(6) Border: Set the border width, style, color, and hover color.

(7) Box-Shadow: Check the box to show the box-shadow around the member image.

(8) Box-Shadow: Set the box-shadow style from here.

(9) Background: Set image background color.

(10) Padding: Set image padding. The default value is 0px.

(11) Inner-Padding: Set image inner-padding. The default value is 0px.

(12) Zoom: This option allows you to move your mouse over a product and instantly magnify it, without clicking or opening anything. Available options are:

  • Off
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out

(13) Image Mode: Set an image mode from here. There are 4 Options:

  • Normal: No grayscale effect.
  • Gray and normal on hover: The logo image becomes gray but when you hover the image color becomes normal.
  • Gray on hover: When you hover a logo the image will turn gray.
  • Always gray: The logo images will be gray all the time.