Display Options

Display Options

(1) Team Section Title: Show or hide the team section title. By default it is visible. 

(2) Section Title Margin Bottom: Set margin under the section title. It is applicable only when the team section title is visible. Default value is 25px.

(3) Margin Between Members: Set space or margin between members. Default value is 24px.

(4) Member Content Position: Select a position or layout for member content and image. Five different options are available. They are-

  • Below Content: It displays the related content below the team member photo/image.
  • Above Content: (Pro)
  • Right Content: (Pro)
  • Left Content: (Pro)
  • Content Over Image: (Pro)

(5) Border: Set border for the single member. It includes 5 different styling options. These are-

  • Width: Set the width of the border for each team member. 
  • Style: Set the style for the border. The following styles are available- 
    • Solid
    • Dashed
    • Dotted
    • Double
    • Inset
    • Outset
    • Groove
    • Ridge
    • None
  • Color: Set color for the border. 
  • Hover Color: Set color for the border on hover. 

(6) Border Radius: Set a border radius for the member. The default value is 0px.

(7) Background Color: Set a background color for the team member. 

(8) Member Detail Fields: Show or Hide member meta fields. These fields are sortable. The following fields are available- 

  • Photo/Image 
  • Member Name
  • Position/Job Title
  • Short Bio
  • Email
  • Mobile 
  • Phone
  • Location
  • Website 
  • Skill Bars
  • Social Profiles

(9) Social Settings: 4 different options for displaying social profile icons. They are- 

  • Position: Set position e.g: left, center, right.
  • Margin: Set margin at top, right, bottom, left. 
  • Social Icon Shape: 4 different shapes are available for social icons e.g rounded, circle, square, and icon only.