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Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

(1) Clean-up Data on Deletion: Check this box if you would like WP Team to completely remove all of its data when the plugin is deleted. Consequently, no data will exist. 

  • Enqueue or Dequeue JS: This feature allows you to enqueue or dequeue the js libraries that are included in the WP Team plugin. The following libraries are available to enqueue or dequeue. By default, these js libraries are enqueued. 

(2) Swiper JS: It is a js library that has been used for the carousel team layout. If you are not interested in using it, you can simply dequeue it. If you dequeue this library, the carousel-type team layout won’t work. By default, it is enqueued.

  • Enqueue or Dequeue CSS: Two different external CSS libraries are included in this plugin. You can dequeue them as per your need. 

(3) Font Awesome: It is one of the best CSS-based icon libraries. This library includes a number of icons that can be used on your website. If you enqueue the Font Awesome, the whole icons library will be available to use. But if your theme already includes it, you can dequeue it to avoid recalling the library. 

(4) Swiper CSS: It is included with the swiper js library and is responsible for the carousel.