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Admin Panel Menu Intro

WP Team Menu Introduction:

  1. All Members
  2. Add New Member
  3. Team Generator
  4. Settings
  5. Help

1. All Members (Admin view):

All Members (Admin view)
All Members

2. Add New Member (Admin view):

Add New Member (Admin view)
Add New Member

3. Team Generator: WP Team has a menu named Team Generator. The Team Generator has the following settings tabs: A. General Settings, B. Carousel Controls, C. Display Options, D. Image Settings, E. Member Detail Settings, F. Typography (only color fields works for the lite version). (Admin view)

Team Generator
Team Generator

4. Settings

The settings menu has a couple of sub-settings menus, e.g. Advanced Settings, Custom CSS & JS, Rename Menu, and Accessibility. You can do the required settings as per your needs. (Admin view):

Advanced Settings

5. Help

The Help menu will assist you to get support from Developer, browse Documentation, and write Feedback or Sharing your experience.

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