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Admin Panel Menu Intro

WP Team Admin Panel Menu Introduction:

Admin Panel Menu Intro

WP Team – 

  1. All Members
  2. Add New Member
  3. Team Generator
  4. Settings
  5. Premium
  6. Help

1. All Members (Admin view):

All Members (Admin view)
All Members

2. Add New Member (Admin view):

Add New Member (Admin view)
Add New Member

3. Team Generator: WP Team has a menu named Team Generator. The Team Generator has the following settings tabs: A. General Settings, B. Carousel Controls, C. Display Options, D. Image Settings, E. Member Detail Settings, F. Typography (only color fields work for the lite version). (Admin view):

Team Generator
Team Generator

4. Settings

The settings menu has a couple of sub-settings menus, e.g. Advanced Settings, Custom CSS & JS, Rename Menu, and Accessibility. You can do the required settings as per your needs. (Admin view):

Advanced Settings

5. Help

The Help menu will assist you to get support from the Developer, browse Documentation, and write Feedback or Share your experience.

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