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Style Settings (Post Carousel)

Style Settings (Post Carousel)

(1) Content Position: Select a position for the title, content, meta, etc. The following positions are available for the carousel content. 

  • Bottom
  • Left (pro)
  • Right (pro)
  • Top (pro)
  • Overlay (pro)

(2) Slide Border: You can set a border for each slide item with this feature. It allows you to set the border width, color, and style. The following border styles are available- 

  • Solid
  • Dashed
  • Dotted
  • Double
  • Inset
  • Outset
  • Groove
  • Ridge
  • None

(3) Slide Background: Set the background color for the slide. It acts as a background color for each slide item.

(4) Post Title: You can either show or hide the post title in the carousel. 

(5) Post Content: You can either show or hide the post content in the carousel. If you enable to show it, you will find the following additional option- 

(6) Content Display Type: Select a content display type. The following type of content display options are available – 

  • Excerpt 
  • Full Content (pro)
  • Content with Limit (pro)

(7) Date: Show or Hide post date in the carousel. 

(8) Author: Show or Hide the post-Author.

(9) Image: You can either show or hide the slide images.

(10) Image Sizes: Select a size for the carousel images. The following sizes are available – 

  • Thumbnail – hard: 150 X 150
  • Medium – soft: 300 X 300
  • Medium_large – soft: 768 X 0
  • Large – soft: 1020 X 1024
  • Original uploaded image
  • Set custom size (Pro)

(11) Image Title Attribute: If you check it, an additional title attribute will be added to the carousel image. When users hover on the images, they will be able to see the title.