General Settings

General Settings

(1) Carousel Section Title: It is the title for the carousel. It displays at the top of the carousel. You can show or hide the carousel section title using this setting option. By default it is hidden. If you enable it to show the section title, you will get an extra option for the section title. 

(2) Margin Bottom from Section Title: Set margin-bottom from carousel section title. Default value is 30px

(3) Carousel Column(s): Set the number of columns on devices. Five different devices are available. You can set different columns on different devices. 

  • Large Desktop – default columns 5
  • Desktop – default columns 4
  • Laptop – default columns 3
  • Tablet – default columns 2
  • Mobile – default columns 1

(4) Order by: Set order by option. You can either choose Drag & Drop or Random. 

(5) Preloader: The preloader helps to hide content until the loading is finished. So, if you turn on it, the carousel will be hidden until the page load is completed.