General Settings

General Settings

(1) Layout Type: Choose a layout type from Carousel and Gallery.

(2) Carousel Mode: Carousel Mode is set as Standard which means the carousel will display as a slideshow.

(3) Column(s): Set the number of columns on devices. Five different devices are available. You can set different columns on different devices. 

  • Large Desktop – default columns 5
  • Desktop – default columns 4
  • Laptop – default columns 3
  • Tablet – default columns 2
  • Mobile – default columns 1

(4) Link Type: Image link type is set as none.

(5) Order by: Order the images by Drag & Drop or Random.

(6) Preloader: The preloader helps to hide content until the loading is finished. So, if you turn on it, the carousel will be hidden until the page load is completed.