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WordPress Carousel – Responsive Image, Post and WooCommerce Product Carousel

Thank you for choosing WordPress Carousel for your WordPress site or client project. We hope that you find it makes your project easy to realize so that you can focus more time on growing your business. We appreciate your decision to read plugin documentation before the request for our support.

WordPress Carousel is the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress Carousel plugin to create beautiful carousels with Images, Posts, WooCommerce Products, etc. This plugin will allow you to simply select images from the WordPress media library, drag and drop them into place, and also supports WordPress posts and WooCommerce products. It’s fully responsive, highly customizable, and works smoothly on iPhone, iPad, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge.

We believe that you shouldn’t be a coder or hire a developer to create a carousel for your WordPress site. That’s why we built the WordPress Carousel plugin that’s both EASY and POWERFUL.

WordPress Carousel 2.0
WordPress Carousel 2.0 has completely been rebuilt and this provides you now many improvements and new amazing features.

You’ll be able to display:
Image Carousel – Create beautiful image carousels by uploading images via WordPress’s regular media gallery. Easily drag and drop image slides.

Post Carousel – Display WordPress’s latest posts in the carousel with the post title, image, excerpt, date, author, etc.

WooCommerce Product Carousel – Display the latest WooCommerce products carousel. Show/hide the product name, image, price, rating, add to cart button, etc.

See Live Examples in action!

Navigate the left menu one by one to get detailed documentation of the WordPress Carousel.