Style Settings

Style Settings

(1) Section Title: You can control the display of the Carousel Section Title by this option.Set ON to show Title or set OFF if you don’t want to show the title.

(2) Section Title Margin Bottom: This Attribute is to set the Bottom Margin of Section Title. The default value for Section Title Bottom Margin is set to 45px. You can change the value as you like.

(3) Margin Between Logos: Set Margin Between the Logos inside the carousel. Default Margin Between Logos is 8px. You can set the value as you wish.

(4) Inner Padding: Inner Padding is the space that’s inside the carousel item between the Logos and the border. The default Inner Padding value is 0px. 

(5) Logo Title: You can display or Hide the Logo Title by clicking ON and OFF.

(6) Position: Select a Position for Logo Title. Options are:

A. Top: The Title will be shown at the Top of the Logo.

B. Bottom: The title will be shown at the bottom of the Logo.

C. Middle: The title will be shown in the Middle of the Logo.

D. Overlay Title on Hover: Title will be shown on overlay when you hover over a logo.

E. Overlay Caption Title on Hover: Title will be shown on overlay Caption Style when you hover over a logo.

A. Logo Title Position Top

    B. Logo Title Position Bottom

    C. Logo Title Position Middle

    D. Logo Title Position Overlay Title on Hover

    E. Logo Title Position Overlay Caption Title on Hover

(7) Description: Select ON/OFF to Show or Hide Logo Description.

(8) Position: Select a Position for Logo Description. Options are:

    A. Bottom: Description Will Be shown In the Bottom Area.

    B. Middle: Description Will Be shown In the Middle Area.

    A. Description Position Bottom

    B. Description Position Middle

(9) Description Display Type: Choose How you want to display your description. Options are:

  • Description: Full Description Will be shown.
  • Description With Word Limit: You can set the Word limit for the description and also you can set the Learn More button for the rest description. Choose Learn More Button Color  

(10) Description Word Limit: Number Of words to show as the Logo Description. The default value for Description Word Count is 30 Words.

(11) Description Read More: Show/Hide Description Load More button by turning ON/OFF from this option.

(12) Read More Text: Users are also allowed to change the Read More Button level text as they like.

(13) Description Read More Color: Set Read More Button Color, Hover Color, Background, Hover Background, Border Color, Border Hover Color.    

(14) Tooltip: when the user hovers the pointer over an item, without clicking it and a tooltip may appear— a small “hover box” with information about the item being hovered over.

(15) Position: Select a Tooltip position from:

    A. Top: Tooltip will appear at the top of logos.

    B. Bottom: Tooltip will appear at the Bottom of logos.

    C. Left: Tooltip will appear on the Left of logos.

    E. Right: Tooltip will appear in the Right of logos.

  • Tooltip Position Top
  • Tooltip Position Bottom
  • Tooltip Position Left
  • Tooltip Position Right

(16) Tooltip Width: Set Tooltip width as you want. Default Tooltip width is set to 220px.

(17) Tooltip Effect: There are five different Tooltip Effects for you. Choose among:

  • Grow
  • Fade
  • Swing
  • Slide
  • Fall

(18) Tooltip color: This option is used to set Tooltip Color and d Background Color.

(19) Logo Background Color: Set Logo Background Color and Hover Color from this option.

(20) Logo Border: Set Border for Logo Images. You can set the border width, style, color, and hover color here.

(21) Border Radius: Set a Border-Radius for the Logo carousel image. Border fits well in a square-size image. The Default value of Border Radius is 0px.

(22) Box-shadow: The Box-shadow CSS property adds shadow effects around an element’s frame. Available options for box shadows are:

  • Off: No Box-Shadow Will be appeared.
  • Inset: Inset shadows are drawn inside the border (even transparent ones), above the background, but below content.
  • OutSet:  The Shadow will appear outside the border.

(23) Zoom: This option allows you to move your mouse over a product and instantly magnify it, without clicking or opening anything. Available options are:

  • Off
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out

(24) Blur: Add the Blur effect to your logo carousel by turning this option ON. By default, the blur effect is turned OFF. 

(25) Opacity: Adjust opacity for Logos. By default, Opacity is set to 1.

(26) Grayscale: Grayscale is a range of monochromatic shades from black to white.  Therefore, a grayscale image contains only shades of gray and no color. There are 4 Options:

  • Off: No grayscale effect
  • Gray and normal on hover: The logo image becomes gray but when you hover the image color becomes normal as it.
  • Gray on hover: When you hover a logo the image will turn into gray.
  • Always gray: The logo images will be gray all the time.

(27) Width: You can set the Logo image Width as you want with this option. 

(28) Height: The Logo Image Height is one part of the information that determines a  picture, photo or other image’s dimensions. You can set Product Image height for different screen sizes to make your site responsive. 

(29) Crop: Turn this option ON if you want to set the Logo image Width and Height you have given.  

(30) Vertical Alignment: Select a vertical alignment for your carousel. Options are:

  • Middle
  • Bottom
  • Top

(31) Image Title Attribute: It is used to provide a title for your image. The text you enter inside the title tag will not be shown to the user when an image cannot be displayed. Instead, it is displayed as a popup when a user takes their mouse over to an image. Check if you want to enable this option.

  1. Type a title For Your Image
  2. This is how it looks