General Settings

General Settings

(1) Layout Preset: The Layout defines the layout preset of the Logo Carousel. Each layout gives you a new set of sections, each linked to styling, making up the look and feel of the site. You can then place Particles and Positions into these sections, add rows, columns and arrange the carousel the way you would like it to look. Choose a layout among:

  • Carousel
  • Grid
  • Filter
  • List
  • Inline

(2) Carousel Mode: There are three types of Carousel Mode:

  • Standard: In this Mode, the carousel rotates the logos horizontally with a momentum effect.
  • Ticker: Ticker Mode denotes the Logo Carousel to run smoothly without any interval between the slider items. By default, this option is turned OFF. You can change this if you want.
  • Center: At this mode, the carousel will be centered and on both edges of the carousel you will be seen half of the next slide Image.

(3) Logo Column(s): Set the number of columns for responsive devices.

(4) Filter Logos: Select an option to display by filtering logos. Options are:

  • All: All the logos will be shown in the Logo carousel.
  • Category:  Filter your logo carousel by category. You can set which logo categories you want to show in the carousel.
  • Specific: You can select specific logos for the carousel.  

(5) Limit: Set the number of total logos to show. 

(6) Logo Link Type: Choose how you want to show Logo Detail information from this option. Features are :

  • Link
  • Popup
  • None

(7) Link Target: You can either set link target Open a New Tab or Open in the same Window.

(8) Order By: You can order the Logos with different values. Options are:

  • Drag & Drop
  • Date
  • Random
  • Title

(9) Order: You are allowed to show the Logos in Ascending or Descending order. It will depend on the above “Order By” option.

(10) Preloader: The slider will be hidden until the page loading is completed. If it is ‘Enable’ then a loading image/icon will show until the slider fully loads.