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Product Page

1) Attribute Image Size: Select an attribute image size as per your need from the dropdown. 

2) Swatch Border: Set the swatch border color, width, and radius from here as you want. 

3) Swatch Background: Set the swatch background color, hover color, and active color from here. 

4) Swatch Text Font Size: Set any value for the swatch text font size. 

5) Swatch Text Color: Set the swatch text color, hover color, and active color from here. 

6) Image & Color Inner Padding: Set the image and color inner padding from here. 

7) Button Inner Padding: Set swatch button inner paddings from here. 

8) Selected Variation Label: Enable the option to show the selected variation label. 

9) Variation Label Separator: Set or change the variation label separator as you wish.