Carousel Controls

Carousel Controls

(1) Carousel Orientation: Choose a carousel orientation. It indicates how you want to display your carousel. Horizontal Orientation.

(2) AutoPlay: When ON, the carousel will automatically start playing as soon as it could do so without stopping. With this feature, you can switch ON/OFF AutoPlay.

(3) AutoPlay Speed: Set auto-play speed in milliseconds. The default AutoPlay Speed is 3000 milliseconds. 1000 milliseconds is equivalent to 1 second.

(4) Pagination Speed: Set Carousel sliding or scrolling speed. The default value of carousel speed is 600ms.

(5) Pause on Hover: Pause slider autoplay on hover. Options are ON and OFF. The default value is ON.

(6) Slide to Scroll: Only available in the premium version of the plugin. 

(7) Infinite Loop:  If the feature is ON then the slider will run continuously. If you have turned off this feature then the slider loop will stop after sliding all the logos once.

(8) Carousel Direction:  There are two kinds of directions in the plugin. In the RTL mode of the website, if you want to change the direction of the slider then just change the direction from this option.

  • Right to Left: The carousel will start sliding Right to Left
  • Left to Right: The carousel will start sliding Left to Right

(9) Row: Only available in the premium version of the plugin. 

(10) Navigation: It helps users move from one slider image to another. There are three Navigation options.

  • Show:  Navigation will appear on every device.
  • Hide: Navigation will not show on any devices.
  • Hide on mobile: Navigation will only hide on mobile devices.

(11) Position: Select a Position for the Navigation Arrows. Available Options are:

  • Top right
  • Top center (pro)
  • Top left (pro)
  • Bottom Left (pro)
  • Bottom center (pro)
  • Bottom right (pro)
  • Vertically center (pro)
  • Vertically center inner (pro)
  • Vertically center inner on hover (pro)

(12) Color: Set navigation color, hover color, background, hover background, border and hover border, etc.

(13) Border: Set a border around the navigations using this option.

(14) Pagination: Pagination indicates the active item which users see in the Carousel. There are three pagination options.

  • Show:  Pagination will appear on every device.
  • Hide: Pagination will not show on any device.
  • Hide on mobile: Pagination will only hide on mobile devices.

(15) Color: Set color for the carousel pagination dotsYou can also set an active pagination dot color.

(16) Touch Swipe: Swiping in touch is the act of quick-shifting your finger throughout the touch surface in a certain direction. This feature will be available in the slider after keeping this option ON.

(17) Mouse Draggable: If the option is ON you can move the carousel item by clicking on it with the mouse and dragging it in a certain direction. You are allowed to ON/OFF the option.