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Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

Remove Data when Delete: Generally, if the plugin is deleted from the dashboard, it keeps the plugin’s data like Category slider configuration, content, etc in the database of the site. So, if you manually update/reinstall the plugin, all the previous data/sliders’ shortcodes will appear in the ‘All Cat Sliders’ menu. So, it is unchecked by default. If you tick mark this checkbox, all the plugin’s data will be deleted when you delete the plugin from the dashboard.

Enqueue or Dequeue CSS & JS: If it is turned Enqueue, the CSS/JS file will load. If it is turned Dequeue, the CSS/JS file won’t load.

If there is the same file from the theme or other plugins, possibly the same file can be loaded multiple times. In this case, you can turn it Dequeue from here to reduce the multiple loading of the same file. But, the styles/script will work as usual by loading code from another file.