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Best Product Brands Showcasing plugin for WooCommerce

Smart Brands for WooCommerce Pro helps you display your product brand in an attractive way on your WooCommerce store. You can also present your brand in a sliding way. You can display the product’s brand name, description, and brand logo as well. The Brands in this plugin are built as independent taxonomies, so you can get the most out of WordPress when working with taxonomies.

Also, the plugin offers a straightforward and user-friendly shortcode generator interface with a variety of useful settings that will enable you to display a list of your brands and quickly change and manage them without the need for scripting.

Let’s see the beautiful Live Demo→ in action!


The value and demand of a product can be significantly influenced by its brand. According to CrowdSpring, 77% of all buyers make purchases based on a brand name. It will certainly allow you to increase the conversion rate in your shop or site.

With the help of the Smart Brands for WooCommerce – Pro plugin, you can give each of your brands a unique page as well as add names, logos, and links to them. And then, you can assign the brands to your desired products. This gives your store or website a considerably more polished, professional appearance in the eyes of your customers.