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Carousel Controls

(1) Autoplay: On/Off auto play option from here.

(2) Autoplay Speed: Set autoplay speed in milliseconds.

(3)  Sliding Speed: Set a sliding speed from here.

(4) Pause on Hover: On/Off Pause on Hover.

(5) Infinite Loop: On/Off Infinite Loop.

(6) Slide to Scroll: Number of brand(s) to scroll at a time.

(7) Carousel Direction: Set the carousel direction according to your website direction.

(8) Carousel Row: Set the row value for responsive devices.

(9) Navigation: Show/Hide Carousel Navigation.

(10) Navigation Color: Set Navigation Color, Hover Color, Background, and Hover Background.

(11) Pagination: Show/Hide carousel pagination.

(12) Pagination Color: Set the pagination color and Active color.