Smart Brands for WooCommerce Pro

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General Options

(1) Layout: Select a Layout from three different options to showcase your brand.

  • Carousel¬†
  • Grid
  • List

(2) Product Count: It Shows the number of products associated with each brand.

(3) Carousel Mode: Chose a carousel mode between Standard and Ticker

(4) Columns: Set the Number of Columns in different devices for responsive view.

(5) Filter Brands: Filter your brands in three different options-

  • All: All the added brands will be displayed on the showcase.
  • Specific: You can choose specific brands to display in the Brand Showcase.
  • Exclude: Exclude Particular brands to display in the brand Showcase.

(6) Hide Empty Brands: Check the box to hide the brands that don’t have any Products.

(7) Hide Brands Without Logo: Check the box to hide brands that don’t have logos.

(8) Order By: Order the Logos by Random, Date, and Name.

(9) Order: Select an order option from Ascending or Descending.

(10) Preloader: Enable or Disable the Preloader as you like.