(1) Show Sale Flash: Show or Hide the Sale Flash on the modal.

(2) Product Content or Information: Show or hide the field that you want to display in the modal. Available Fields to show in the quick view are,

  • Title
  • Rating
  • Price
  • Excerpt
  • Add To Cart
  • Meta
  • Social Share

(N:B: You can order the fields as you like by doing drag and drop)

(3) Full Product Description: Show or Hide the product’s full description instead of the short description.

(4) Show Product Tabs: Show or hide the product tabs on the modal.

(5) Show Related Products: Show or hide the related products on the modal.

(6) Product Custom Image Size: Set a custom product image size for the modal.

(7) Modal Background: Change the modal background color as you like.

(8) Modal Border: You can set a modal border, border style, color, and hover color.

(9) Content Padding: Set a modal content padding from here.

(10) Enable Ajax Add to Cart: Enable or Disable the Ajax add to cart button on the modal.

(11) Add to Cart Button label: Type the add to cart button label as you like.

(12) Add to Cart Button Color: Change the add to cart button background and hover background color as per your need.

(13) Close Modal After Add to Cart: Check the box if you want to close the modal after adding a product to the cart.

(14) Add View Details Button: Show or hide the View Details button in the popup.

(15) View Details Button Label: When you show the view details button you can change the view details button label.

(16) Open In a New Tab: Check the box to open the product details page in a new tab.

(17) View Details Button Color: Change the view details button background color and hover color from here.

(18) Button Padding: Set add to cart and view details button padding as you like.

(19) Border Radius: Set add to cart and view details button border-radius from here.

(20) Redirect to Checkout  After Add to Cart: Check the box if you want to redirect the user to the checkout page after adding a product to the cart.

(21) Rating Color: Change the rating empty color and full color from here.

(22) Enable Quick View on Wishlist: Enable or disable the quick view on the wishlist.

(23) Close Button Icon: Show or hide the modal close button icon.

(24) Close Button Position: Choose a close button position from three different options. They are:

  • Inside Corner of Modal
  • Outside Corner of Modal
  • Top Right Corner of Web Browser

(25) Icon Design: Select a modal close button icon from five different icon styles.

(26)  Icon Color: Set modal close button Icon color, Hover Color, Background, and Hover Background.

(27) Icon Size: Set modal close button Icon size from here. By default, the icon size is set to 40px.

(28) Overlay/Outside Close: Check the box if you want to allow the users to close the modal by clicking on the background overlay.

(29) Thumbnails Type: Select a Thumbnails type. Available options are:

  • Sider Mode
  • Classic Mode
  • Do not Show

(30) Thumbnails Position: Select a thumbnails position in between the bottom or top.

(31) Autoplay: Turn ON or OFF the product gallery Slider autoplay.

(32) Navigation: Show or Hide Product gallery Slider Navigation Arrow.

(33) Arrow Icon Design: Select a gallery slider navigation arrow icon.

(34) Arrow Icon Size: Change the gallery slider navigation arrow icon size as you like.

(35) Slider Pagination: Select a product gallery slider pagination from Thumbnails, Dots, and Off.

(36) Pagination Visibility: Set how you want to display the slider paginations. You can either set On Hover or Always.

(37) Thumbnails Item to Show: Set the number of thumbnails you want to show in the slider. By default, only 6 thumbnails show in the gallery.

(38) Thumbnails Grayscale: Enable or disable to make the thumbnails item grayscale.

(39) Active Thumbnail Border: Set border, border style, color, and Hover color of the active thumbnail.

(40) Enable Zoom For Gallery Image: Enable or Disable the Zoom for gallery images on mouseover.

(41) Enable Lightbox: Enable or Disable the lightbox on click image.

(42) Product Quick View Navigation: Show or Hide the product quick view navigation from here.

(43) Quick View Navigation Style: Select a quick view navigation style form:

  • Slide (Thumbnail and Product name)
  • Rotate ( Thumbnails Only)
  • Arrow Only

(44) Arrow Icon: Select modal navigation arrow icon from different icon sets.

(45) Arrow Icon Sze: Set modal product navigation arrow icon size.

(46) Arrow Icon Color: Change the arrow icon color, hover color, background, and background color as you like.

(47) Preloader: Enable or Disable the preloader on the modal.

(48) Preloader type: Select a preloader type from Loading Label or Preloader Image.

(49) Preloader Design: Select a preloader image from 6 different image styles.

(50) Size: Set preloader image or label size from here.

(51) Color: Change the preloader image color as you like.