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General Settings

General Settings

(1) Layout Preset: The first decision to choose a layout preset is whether you want a Slider, Grid, or Block layout.

  • Slider
  • Grid
  • Block

Block Orientation: The block orientation option will be applicable to the Block Layout of the categories. If you have selected the block layout from the layout preset then this option will be visible to select a block orientation style. There are two orientation styles.

  • Style-1: Only three categories will display by selecting this orientation style. The first one will show in a big block in one column and the rest of the two blocks will show in another column within two rows.
  • Style-2: In this style, five categories will show within three columns.

(2) Slider Mode: This option is only applicable in the slider layout. There are two types of slider mode available in the plugin’s slider layout.

  • Standard Mode: The standard mode carousel is a slideshow for cycling through a series of content.
  • Ticker Mode: This is the continuous sliding mode in the loop, with no pause. You can set the speed and if the slider pauses on hover.

(3) Category Column(s): Set number of column(s) in different devices for responsive view. This option allows you to preset the number of categories visible with a particular device. Some default values we have set in the fields of individual devices. You can change the default value from the particular device field.

  • LARGE DESKTOP – Screens larger than 1280px.
  • DESKTOP – Screens smaller than 1280px.
  • LAPTOP – Screens smaller than 980px.
  • TABLET – Screens smaller than 736px.
  • MOBILE – Screens smaller than 480px

Slide Width: This option is only for the ‘Ticker Mode’ carousel of the standard layout. You can set a width for each slide in this field. The default value of this field is 250px.

(4) Category Type: You need to choose a category type to filter and display whether Parent or Parent and Child. (i) Parent, (ii) Parent and Child

(i) Parent: Select an option to filter the categories to show in the slider. There are three options to filter the categories.

  • All
  • Specific
  • Exclude

(ii) Parent and Child: Select an option show by filtering the parent and child categories. You can first select parent categories and then all child categories list will be shown under that parent category.

(5) Parent and Child Display Type

  • Individualize Each
  • Child Only
  • Child Under Parent

(6) Hide Empty Categories: Suppose, some of the categories have no products included or these categories are empty. If you want to hide those empty categories from the slider then check this field.

(7) Hide Category without Thumbnail: This plugin allows adding a thumbnail image when creating a category. Previously created categories have no thumbnail adding option. If you want to add a thumbnail to previously created categories, you can add a thumbnail after installing this plugin. However, if you want to remove or hide those empty thumbnail categories then check this field. It will filter those empty thumbnail categories from the slider.

(8) Child/Subcategories Product Count: On/Off to show or hide child or subcategories product count.

(9) Child/Subcategories Margin: Set child or subcategories margin as you wish to customize the default margin.

(10) Randomize Categories: Randomize category order on each page load.

(11) Preloader: Slider will be hidden until page load completed.

General Settings (When Parent Category Type is Selected)

(12) Filter Categories: When Parent Category Type is selected. You’ll find here 3 options to filter parent categories, e.g: All, Specific, Exclude.

(13) Choose Categories: Choose the specific category(s) to show.

(14) Total Categories to Show: Set the total number of categories to display. This field controls how many categories to show in the slider. The default value is 12. You can increase or decrease the value of this field.

(15) Order By: This field contains the ordering options for the categories display. These options are →

  • ID
  • Name
  • Date
  • Drag & Drop
  • Count Number of Product
  • None

(16) Order: Order the categories in the slider is essential functionality. There are two ordering options available here.

  • Ascending
  • Descending