Accordion Settings

Accordion Setting

(1) Accordion Layout: There are two types of Accordion Layouts. Choose your desired one from here.

  • Vertical 
  • Horizontal

Vertical Layout:

Vertical Layout

Horizontal Layout:

Horizontal Layout

(2) Choose a Theme: There are sixteen Different Theme styles in the plugin. Each theme has a unique design. A preview of the selected theme is shown just below the option. The designs can be seen live on the Demo Page.

16 Unique Themes to Choose

Note: If a user selects a theme for the first time, all the colors may not load automatically. Please change the color manually as you wish.

(3) Activator Event: Activator Event means how you want to operate your Accordion Items. There are three types of Activator Events available in the Option.

  • Click: Accordion Item will be expanded when you Click on an Accordion Item.
  • Mouse Over: Accordion Item will be expended sequentially when you take your Mouseover accordion items.
  • AutoPlay: Accordion Items will be expanded one by one automatically when the page loads.

(4) Auto-close On Mouseout: When you move on the cursor from any accordion-item that team will be automatically closed. This option is only applicable for Mouse Over Activation Event

(5) Activator Mode: Accordion Modes control the display of the accordion when the page loads. There are three types of Accordion Modes available in the Option.

  • First Open
  • All Open
  • All Folded

First Open: The First Accordion Item will be opened.

First Open


All Open: All the Accordion Items will be expanded.

All Open


All Folded: All the Accordion Items Will be folded.

All Folded

(6) Multiple Opening Together: If the option is set to ON, then multiple items will be opened one after another.

And, if it is set to OFF, then only one item will be opened at a time. Other opened items will be closed automatically when a user clicks on another item.

(7) Fixed Content Height:  The feature is to set a certain height for the description field. If a user has different amounts of content and he wants to show each of them at a certain height, he can tick the checkbox and set a height value in the ‘Maximum Height’ field. There will be a vertical scrollbar for the larger content.

If the feature is unchecked, the content’s height will be as long as the content has on an item.

(8) Maximum Height: set a height value in the ‘Maximum Height’ field for the accordion.

Maximum Height

(9) Preloader: The main purpose of this feature is to entertain the visitors while the actual content of the accordion is still loading in the background. It saves the page from an unexpected jerk.

Preloader Image