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Add New Accordion (A-Z)

Creating an Accordion is super easy and fast. It can be done within a minute.

There are two types of Accordion to display content on your WordPress site:

       A. Content
       B. Post

A. Creating a Content-Type Accordion Group:

Add New

(1) Click on the Accordion Groups menu.

(2) Click on the Add New button.

Create a New Accordion Group

(3) Type a Shortcode Title used as Accordion Section Title (optional).

(4) Select Content from the Accordion Type option;
Add some content by following the steps below:

(5) Click on Add New Item button;

(6) Type Title for the Accordion Item;

(7) Add icon (if necessary);

(8) Add or Write Description Content;

(9) Make It Inactive (Check if you want to make it inactive, otherwise not)

(10) You can Customize the Accordion Shortcode Generator Setting as you want;

(11) Select a Layout  from→ Accordion Layout (Horizontal, Vertical);

(12) Choose a Theme from→ 16 Pre-designed themes

(13) And then Click on→ Publish and you will find a Generated Shortcode in the bottom area;

(14) Copy and Paste the Shortcode to your post/page or anywhere on your site.

B. Creating a Post Type Accordion:

Accordion from Post Type