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WooCommerce Settings

WooCommerce Settings

(1) WooCommerce FAQs Tab: The setting is to Show/Hide the ‘FAQ’ tab feature for every WooCommerce product. If it is set ‘ON’, the FAQ tab of a product will be shown in the description section of that product. If it is set ‘OFF’, the FAQ tab feature won’t be shown in the product description section.

(2) WooCommerce FAQs Tab Label: You can set custom text for the ‘FAQ’ text in the frontend with this field. Examples: Common Questions, Common Answers, Pre-sale, Pre-sale Questions, etc. After turning On this option, You will find a new field (named EA FAQs) when you go to create a product. Here you will see the shortcode you have created. Select as many accordion shortcode titles as you want to show them on the single product page.

(3) WooCommerce FAQs Tab Priority: If the ‘FAQs’ tab is wanted to move up or down, it can be done by changing the priority number.

The default Priority numbers :

  • Reviews = 5;
  • Description = 10;
  • Additional Information = 15;
  • FAQs = 50;

The lower priority number will move it upper.