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How to add Custom Fonts in the plugin

If you want to add any custom font to the plugin. You can do this easily with the custom code below. But your custom font must be enqueued/loaded in your theme or site. Then you just need to write the font name in the function below. If you check the code you will see there is a filter hook available (eapro_field_typography_customwebfonts) in the plugin by which you can easily add custom fonts.

if( ! function_exists('eapro_field_typography_customwebfonts')) {
    function eapro_field_typography_customwebfonts_modified() {
        // your custom fonts 
        $custom_fonts = array(
            'VTF Redzone Classic',
            'SP Jupiter',
        return $custom_fonts;
add_filter( 'eapro_field_typography_customwebfonts', 'eapro_field_typography_customwebfonts_modified' );