(1) Enable Quick View: Enable or Disable the quick view button from here.

(2) Layout: Layout is selected as Left Image.

(3) Modal Effect: Set a quick view Modal Effect from here. Available options are:

  • Move From Top
  • Fade
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Newspaper
  • Move Horizontal 
  • 3D Unfold
  • Slide Bottom

(4) Modal Overlay Background: Set a Modal Overlay Background color as you like.

(5) Quick View Button Position: Set a quick view button position from Before Add to Cart or After Add to Cart.

(6) Button Style: Button Style is set as a custom Button.

(7) Button Color: Configure the button color, hover color, background, and hover background color as you like.

(8) Button Border: Set button border width, style, color, and, hover color from here.

(9) Button Padding: You are allowed to adjust the button padding as per your need.

(10) Quick View Button Label: Type a quick view button custom label here.