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Best Product Brands Showcasing plugin for WooCommerce

Smart Brands for WooCommerce helps you display Product Brands beautifully in your WooCommerce Store. Also, you can showcase your Brands in a sliding manner too. You can show your product Brand Name, Description, and Thumbnail. The brands in this plugin are built as independent taxonomies, allowing you to use all of the benefits of WordPress in working with taxonomies as well as all of the SEO tools. Additionally, The plugin has a simple and easy to use shortcode generator interface with many handy options which will help you to customize and manage product brands easily without coding.

Smart Brands for WooCommerce plugin allows you to add brands for products and gain credibility by displaying them in your WooCommerce shop. Smart Brands for WooCommerce is free, rapidly growing, and comes with great support.

Smart Brands for WooCommerce – Getting Started

This video will help you to get started with the Smart Brands for WooCommerce.

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