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Add New Testimonial Shortcode (A-Z)

Creating a Testimonial Shortcode is super easy and fast. It can be done within a minute. A-Z guidance has been described here for the first time or new user.

Add New Testimonial Shortcode

(1) Click on the Shortcode Generator menu.

(2) Click on the Add New button.

Shortcode Generator Settings

(3) Type a Shortcode Title used as a Section Title for your carousel (optional).

(4) You can Customize the required Testimonial Shortcode Generator Setting Tabs as you want.

(5) Select Slider Layout Preset.

And then click on→ Publish/Update and you will see a Shortcode/PHP Code under the Shortcode title.


Copy the Shortcode/PHP Code.

Gutenberg Editor

Paste the carousel shortcode to your post or page or anywhere on your site.