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Autodesk autocad 2020 stuck on initializing free

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I have in the past let this run all night and I come in and still it being on the “Setup is Initializing I have windows 10 installed and I turned off my antivirus and firewall. Your serial /1304.txt is probably has been upgraded to a newer version. Reply to this topic


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Support 0 contributions. Issue: An Autodesk software installation crashes or exits out at “Initializing” stage. Causes: Potential buffer overflow while computing system RAM size. Once inside the MC3 folder, create a text file, leave it empty and name it si. Try again the software installation. If the issue still persists, try the following: Follow the solutions included in Installation doesn’t go further after the “Initializing” phase and fails with or without an error report.

As you select products, you can customize them in the right panel. You can select the version to include in the package.

If you select a version, installers for that version are automatically included in the package. You can also add optional applications or specify a storage location for content, including templates, materials, and drawings. After selecting the products you want in the custom package, click Next to go to the Enter Package Details section.

You can go back to the previous step by clicking the section header. In the Enter Package Details section, enter a package name or use the default name. We recommend using a name that will help you identify this package when viewing the list, such as who it’s intended for or what products are included. Use a valid Windows file name. Download and install from the Autodesk desktop app. Find your product for installation. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.

See also. Download methods Autodesk desktop app Where to download products and updates. Company overview. Investor relations. Diversity and belonging. Autodesk Foundation. Contact us. Students and educators.

Affiliate program. Autodesk Research. How to buy. Sometimes people think it freezes and cancel the installation or kills the task. This can lead to another issue. Just let the installation run, even it might take overnight. I always recommend using the Browser Download option. Autodesk claims that Install Now is faster because it only downloads required files. Product download consists of multiple files.

At least one file is missing or has not been downloaded yet. Some products especially suites consist of multiple files. I believe Autodesk separate the media into files so they can fit in multiple DVDs. It allows you to distribute the media without using an external drive. Or they are not in the same folder. You can read more about downloading installer with multiple files in Autodesk Knowledge here.

You see the installation finished but see the red cross next to some product name. Before we continue, you need to know the exact problem. You can find a detailed error in the installation log.

If you are not familiar with the installation log, this documentation shows how to see the log. You can open the log file using Windows Notepad. Run AIDA on the computer that has an installation problem, it will tell you what is the issue and give you the suggestion on how to solve it.

This happens because the previous installation was not successful, or uninstalling the product was failed. For example, you terminate the installation. You can use Microsoft FixIt to remove the installation data from the registry. Autodesk has documentation on how to use FixIt here. Your software depends on many Windows prerequisites. When the prerequisite installation failed, the installation will not continue. Try to check the installation log file if you can find a line similar to this:.

After you complete, try to install the product again. These are the most frequent reason why the activation was failed. There are several reasons why the serial number is no longer valid. Your serial number is probably has been upgraded to a newer version. Or you may use the wrong product key. Check this documentation to see what might be the problem. Update: Autodesk no longer supports product activation for version or older. Check it here: Previous version support change. You can activate your license as many as the seats you have.

If you have 1 license you can activate it on 1 computer. If you are on subscription, you can activate it one more time on your home computer. What if your computer die and you want to activate it on another computer? You still can activate it. Try this method to activate your license.